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Free and open source school mangement software - Gosfem

About Gosfem

Gosfem is a cloud-based open source school management system that offers a wide range of features. Being an open source tool, Gosfem is flexible and gives schools complete control and freedom to use the software however they want. The core module in Gosfem offers features such as planner, timetable, gradebook management for students and teachers, library management, attendance, payroll system, hostel management, transportation management, club, poll, computer based test, live class, academic syllabus, assignment, chat and behavior tracking, as well as assessment capabilities for teachers. Free support is available through the software's extensive documentation and online support forums.

Gosfem was founded in March 2020 in response to a lack of powerful, usable and open source school platforms. Right from the beginning, Gosfem was designed to be flexible, extensible and themeable, whilst aiming to help teachers to do their jobs.

The project aims to provide all schools, no matter their size or resources they have, with the systems they need to provide effective teaching and learning. Gosfem is built using PHP, MySQL, jQuery and other open tools.

Who we are?

We’re a small but mighty team of passionate people, based in several different countries around the world. We’re united by our dedication to enabling quality open source software for education that meet the needs of a huge range of schools.

Our mission

It’s our mission to empower school administrators through our free and open source school management system software and we are continuously striving to achieve this mission.

Our vision

Our vision is to builds an open source educational software to simplify life of institution administrators and teachers so that they can focus on the most important thing: Educating and be the part of modern and reliable system that works always.

Our Team

Our core team of developers work to ensure that every release is a stable, steady step in the right direction, whilst providing support and advocacy for users of the project.

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Olawuyi Segun O.

Co-founder and CEO, Gosfem
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Esther Omololu O.

Co-founder, Gosfem
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Mala Zar

Team Image

Samuel Segun T.

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Alli Ayobami A.

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Marvellous B.O

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Need to know more?

Are you curious about something? Do you have some kind of problem with our cloud school? Please feel free to contact us, our customer service center is working for you 24/7.

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