Our Gosfem Products roadmap is designed to provide visibility on the development priorities of the Gosfem HQ Product teams and covers all the products in our open source learning platform portfolio, consisting of Gosfem LMS, Gosfem Workplace, Gosfem Apps, and Gosfem School Software.

Our living Roadmap

Our Roadmap is public, open, and living - you can see it at any time here on Gosfem.

IDEA - 1 Gosfem

Building a calendar feature that allows school admin to chose teacher or a student to see all their lessons.

IDEA - 2 Gosfem

Re-brand Gosfem invoice fee type page to allow entering of fee type for multiple classes at the same time.

IDEA - 3 Gosfem

Building multi-branch or district feature that allows school to create as many branches they have

IDEA - 4 Gosfem

Building students attendance by period (subject teacher attendance) rather than once per day attendance.

IDEA - 5 Gosfem

Building Antarctica report card template that support term grade and exam grade

IDEA - 6 Gosfem

Building India report card template that support up to 4th term instead of the normal 3rd term

What is a roadmap and why is it important?

The Gosfem roadmap is our shared source of truth at Gosfem HQ which we use to define our product direction, priorities and progress.

It is the plan that aligns our teams around common goals and outcomes.

Who creates the roadmap and how often does it get updated?

Gosfem HQ teams curate every idea on the roadmap during our quarterly planning processes.

Every three months, the team takes a week off development to complete detailed planning of the work to be delivered during our next increment and map out our areas of focus for a rolling 12 to 18 months ahead.

Before each planning week, our Product leads conduct engagement sessions with our stakeholders and review a range of data sources to collect ideas and prioritise the roadmap.

Where do the ideas come from?

We curate our ideas from a wide range of sources including;

Gosfem HQ Product teams continuously review issues created by our users who can log new feature requests and ideas for improvements in our public tracker. The issues can also be voted on by our community to mark interest in the suggestions made by others.

Many of our Products have Product Advisory Groups (PAGs) which meet on a regular basis to help inform the priorities of our roadmap ideas. These groups are formed by representatives from our user base and offcourse our Gosfem Partners network with whom we work closely to define the needs of Gosfem users in education and workplace learning.

Each of our products offers the opportunity to provide feedback via short questionnaires, we review the responses regularly and use the insights to shape our thinking.

All members of the Gosfem HQ team are encouraged to share their thoughts on the future of our open source platform. From new innovations to maintenance tasks, every idea is welcomed and is considered for prioritisation during our planning process.

How should the roadmap be interpreted?

Our roadmap is not strictly speaking a delivery plan - we don't explicitly provide dates for each of our deliverables. The reason for this is that we know that the world around us is changing at pace, new ideas are constantly emerging and urgent issues pop up from time to time.

Rather, we publish our roadmap using the 'Now, Next, Later' methodology, detailing the current order we plan to follow in delivering new features and enhancements across our product portfolio.

The purpose of sharing the roadmap is to drive understanding in the community on where Gosfem HQ's priorities lie. Our teams are often asked 'Why are you not working on X, it is really important', and the answer to that question is most frequently 'We agree that X is really important, but right now A is more important to more of our users and the future of our platform'.

That's because, at Gosfem HQ, we have to balance the needs of our broad range of stakeholders and think long-term about our products. The point of sharing the roadmap is to make our prioritisation balancing act more transparent.

What are Gosfem HQ's current priorities?

Gosfem is a platform that is dedicated to empowering educators, trainers and learners all around the world. Our goal is to create solutions that make learning accessible to everyone, regardless of their location or financial situation.

To achieve this goal, the areas we will focus on when developing our future versions of Gosfem are:

Unlocking Creativity

We aim to empower educators and learners to shape their learning according to their imagination and aspirations, leading to a more inclusive and personalised educational experience. This will be achieved through:

  • Optimisation of our current course interface and activities
  • Introduction of new course experiences
  • Diversification of content creation options

Facilitating Collaboration

We will focus on enabling supportive and connected learning environments by continuously improving Gosfem's ability to integrate and collaborate effectively with other solutions and leverage common standards. This will be achieved through:

  • Supporting plugin development
  • Leveraging of common standards
  • Capitalising on open source solutions

Optimising outcomes

Providing our users with tools that optimise their efforts is paramount. We aim to create a toolset that not only reduces the time and cost of managing and creating courses but also helps learners overcome challenges more effectively. This will be achieved through:

  • Ecosystem support for advanced analytics
  • A more modern & leaner platform
  • New tools to support learners

Last updated on 7 March 2024 by Alex Jefferson