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Gosfem is the best school software and the interface is really easy to use.

Sunrise School


I can't stop saying thank you for this Great School App Thank you so Much Guys

Sun Rise Ltd


Am really grateful for this software. I will forever be grateful for this. It is more than perfect for me

Modern Public School


I have work with plenty of school software for my businesses but these guys are best in term of features. Good Job !!!

Mi Melodi Muziekschool


Excellent customer support. It's just beyond 5 stars. We are so grateful to you, dear devs, and the support team.

Pal public school


Gosfem school management system is wonderful..

IK Gajraula Public School


Good job !

Arrows Homeschool Community

United States

Gosfem deserves more than five stars. Gosfem is carefully developed to meet school administrators need when it comes to school software. Gosfem has no competitor as of time I am writing this review. Keep adding more features for us like virtual classrooms, desktop app and online offline auto synchronisation and many more features.

Chalkface Academy

Sri Lanka

I like Gosfem School feature. The module help with the smooth management of the school



Deserves more than 5 stars. You cant understand my review until you start using Gosfem to power your school.



Great School Management System, fine design, and functionality.



Those who claim to sell school software does not have a perfect school software that near Gosfem in standard. This is just too perfect and complete to be free. The terminal report card is just too awesome with the barcode login features and attendance. I recommend this school software to everyone who needs to manage their school with school software.

Excellence learning centre


Thank you for creating Gosfem, the best free and open source school software. We are enjoying Gosfem current and we appreciate the team that developed Gosfem. Thank you

Grandeur Primary & College

Solomon Islands

Gosfem has almost everything what one requires to manage school.

Pony Willow Middle School

United States

This is a mature and well-coded school management system. I highly recommend it.

Alpha lang school


I won't say much, please go ahead and register your school if you are school owners and looking for software to power your school. Gosfem will deliver beyond your expectations.

The Glasgow Academy


I Like the product very much. This product helped me a lot to ease down my work. The hours of work can be done in few minutes with the help of this Gosfem School Management System. Great effors by the team.


Costa Rica

Perfect solution to manage school operations. We love Gosfem for it complete features that help us to move our school digital without any form of stress.

Credence Christian Academy


Great system it has everything i need & support will help you too !!

syndicate public school


The report card feature is perfect. The certificate generator, the ID card generator and the barcode login with attendance are just too perfect for us. I will donate for you guys to keep on the good work.

Madrasa Darul Furkan


I will tell more about this software to my community. This is a wonderful software and every schools should use this software, not because it is a free software but because it is the right tool to run school smarter and easily.



Already compared with other script, Gosfem is really above the standard. Recommended!



This is so great, I never believe this is free but it is totall free. Thanks to gosfem

Montessori Secondary School


Difficult to believe Gosfem is completely free. Just too perfect solution to manage school process. Thank you Gosfem

universite privée HAY


Gosfem has helped us so much to manage our school without hassle. We love every bit of Gosfem. Such an amazing school software indeed. Thanks to Gosfem always!



Thanks for this wonderful software. Working perfectly well for my K-12 schools. Keep it up gosfem



Am happy I found this software. This has helped my school in managing our students database

Abu Ammar Islamic Academy


I love the software. I have purchased many software online but this is far better than all and couple with the fact that this one is free

Smart Studio

United Arab Emirates

Well coding design & support is very good. Best for a modern school. I recommend this every school owners.

Paradise Technical Institute


Good work done, if you want the best product to manage your school, then regiser and use Gosfem free

English Language Learning Online



Turks and Caicos Islands

Thanks for your efforts. Your efforts have done more good for our schools.

Neeraj Agrawal


Highly recommended school Gosfem. A friend told me about Gosfem and at first I was a bit skeptical about Gosfem but trust me this is the best solution for school administrators. I so much love it

Lincon HIgh School RBX

United Arab Emirates

All features are completely free indeed. Great support from the team members

Chrisbell Int. School


There is no school software that can be compared with Gosfem. The software covers every bits of the school administrative process right from admission to graduation.

Hilltop Complex


"Gosfem is the best school management system that helps teachers to do their job" This is a very correct statement.

HostKamili Solutions


I can not believe am getting all these features free. We love it

SD Education Centre


Thank you for this website. Extraordinary design, quality code and flexibility to adapt to different types of schools.

Colegio San Francisco Javier

New Zealand

A very good school management software for school owners.



You guys are just too amazing. Thanks for this gosfem

RichTech Educational Complex


"Gosfem school is an incredibly user friendly, comprehensive and reliable platform that truly revolutionized how my school communicates. We use the system to manage student data, teaching assignments, timetables and more. It's so simple to use but also very powerful!"

Fountians Academy


Gosfem is very simple to use with many features that a school requires

AIMS Korean Language and Culture Centre


Great UI design and also great support from the team members

Inferno High School

United Arab Emirates

This is the best open software online. Very useful software indeed!

Perfect Educational Complex


The Team provided me with the best support experience that enabled me to kickstart using the solution without any bugs or user problems with swift responses from the team.



Great feature with quick support Wish you all the best team

Tarek Ingénieur informaticien - Polyvalent


If you are a teacher, school owner, school admin, instructors and you are in need of a school software, please kindly use Gosfem, not because it is completely free to use, it is because of the awesome features that can not be found in any school software online. Trust me, this is best school software as of today on internet. Features are too perfect with no other competitors. We are using it in our school and we are enjoying the service with the instant customer support. Thank you Gosfem



Simple and easy to use softare. Thanks

Mawogola High School

Turks and Caicos Islands

Support is wonderful from wonderful team members.



The application gives all the necessary need on one window.

The Chesterfield

United Kingdom

We want to appreciate entire Gosfem staff for creating amazing school software. Gosfem has been very helpful for school administrators like us to management our school processes. I recommend Gosfem

Dame G. Robinson Primary


You will definitely love Gosfem immediately you login to your portal with lots of available features on Gosfem with great support from the team.

Advance International Model School


You may not understand the full featuers of Gosfem not until you register your school and start using Gosfem. The features are too wide and relevant to manage school digitally especiall the course management part. Thanks to you Gosfem

AAquaviva hybrid school


Please ensure you add district or multi branch features to this software. This feature will allow schools with multiple branches to use this software without having to create an account for each braches. Overall, this is the best software. Seen is believing, create an account and login to your portal to see Gosfem in action. I love espciall the barcode login features. Thank you Gosfem. I am dropping a token for you guys to support this project...



I give the crown to you guys in the field of open source because this is the best software so far. No softwarwe I mean school software which is open source can compete with your software. This is by far the best but not one of the best. It is the best software online presently. I will make sure to donate and support this project for sure. Thanks for the software

Junis Private School


Software is so perfect for my school and I love the team with their awesome support

Edo College


The design is awesome. Please when is the mobile version will be out

Giggles School


Providing a top notch product is good but providing customer support is what I liked here every issue will be resolved in minimum time . Thank you for that



We appreciate Gosfem, and i would like to suggest to others to use Gosfem to power their school processess. Well done Gosfem for this wonderful software

Crimson Academy Rwanda


Perfect for my school and every schools out there. Gosfem is one in millions, no school software to be compared with Gosfem in regards to elegant features, free without hidden charges, awesome support from the team and many more features. Thank you Gosfem...



On behalf of the School, we want to say a very big thank you for the School Management database you've provided free of charge. It has really been of great help in reducing the cost of result printing. Thanks a lot

Victory International School of Art and Science


This open source deserve more than 5 star ratings from me

Excelsior College Swat


I enjoy the open source too. Support is so great from these guys

College of Accountancy

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