Gosfem free and open source school mangement software
Posted on 15, Nov 2023 327 2 minutes, 25 seconds

Create and customize the school’s website with no prior knowledge in programming or coding of any kind with the best website builder in the market today!

Extremely Easy to Understand

The main advantage of using Gosfem’s online website builder is that the admins who are setting up the school website do not need to know any form of coding or programming. The user interface is quite simple to understand, and the complex process of web development can be completely skipped since the entire website can be built in-house.

Easily Customizable

Since there is no coding or programming involved in any stage of building a website using Gosfem, the implications are multiple. One of the most obvious ones is that the website can easily be customized by any admin. There is no need for any external web developer that needs to be called in to make amends to the website if required - all of it can be done using Gosfem’s online website builder.

Cost & Time-Efficient

Another implication of having an in-house website maker is that there is no need to hire a web developer solely for the purpose of creating and maintaining the school website. It helps schools cut costs in that respect, and by extension, saves them the time that it would take the web developer to create the website from scratch according to the instructions given by the admins and make changes if any are required. Furthermore, Gosfem provides the school with the option to host their website for free on Gosfem’s servers, further eliminating the cost of buying a domain for free domain with the Integrated School Platform package, essentially making it simple to choose a web

Better Visibility & Reach

With every aspect of education becoming digital, including the classroom itself as well as school management, the next logical step is to create a school website and give it online visibility. Nowadays, the first thing anyone does when looking up schools is to search for their website. If your school does not have a dedicated website, it will severely affect the school’s visibility and the possibility of admission. The easier the school is to access, the easier it is to get admissions and hence more money to further expand its reach. So, having a solid website for your school is not just a matter of visibility, in today’s world, it is a necessity.

Dig Deep into the Gosfem Ecosystem

Since Gosfem is an Integrated School Platform with dedicated LMS, ERP, and Digital Content solutions, building a website with Gosfem means that building it will virtually be free of charge, the admission portal can be integrated directly onto the website, and it comes with all the ERP & LMS tools that can help digitize the operations of the school. It makes setting up, managing, and using the school simple, seamless, and efficient for all stakeholders.

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Free and open source school mangement software - Gosfem
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