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Keep track of each & every item that belongs to the school with the best Inventory Management System - everything from uniforms to lab equipment can be tagged & tracked effortlessly!

Improves Efficiency

The biggest advantage of having inventory management software is that it helps digitize the entire process. Usually, all the items have to be manually & individually tracked and accounted for, which is quite time-consuming and can result in errors. This is especially problematic when the school has a large number of students. Similarly, since the documentation of different items is assigned to different departments (lab assistants in charge of laboratory equipment, different people for the canteen, store room, infirmary, and so on), the task becomes fragmented, leading to a chance of further error. This can all be avoided if a school uses an Inventory management system where all the items can be grouped and organized in a single platform.

Easy Grouping & Allocation

With a school inventory management system in place, there is no need to split the duty of inventory management among different people. A group of items can be categorized together under a single category, and these can be assigned to any room/individual to make the process of management simpler and more centralized. For example, a box of chalk/whiteboard markers, tables/desks, and chairs/benches can be assigned to one classroom, say 1A.

Prevent Stockouts

With the help of Inventory Management Software in place, it is quite easy to track available stock in the school inventory and reorder them in case they are low on stock. This makes sure that there is no disruption simply because of a lack of equipment. This is especially crucial in laboratories because there are usually only one or two sessions per week at most.

Financial Planning

The administrators can see each and every item available in the school put into separate categories. This makes it easier for the administrators to plan ahead & buy whatever is necessary for uninterrupted operation of the school. Since the finances of the school are accounted for every time a transaction is made, it also makes audits easier on the school management.

Easier Identification & Tracking with Unique ID

With so many items being bought and used in the school, it becomes difficult to keep track of them, especially if the number of students is high. Gosfem solves this problem by assigning a unique ID to each and every item that is present in the school inventory, hence enabling an extreme level of precision when it comes to monitoring it. This helps the administrators make sure that the respective person is held accountable if anything goes wrong, hence making sure that there are no mishaps at any step of the way.

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