Gosfem free and open source school mangement software Edited on 09, Apr 2023 229 1 minute, 7 seconds

Community Edition Lunched

We have successfully lunched the free and Open Source Community Edition of Gosfem This version contains only 15 core modules and is meant to be used by developers for creating their own software. If you are an End user, we suggest that you go for the free web version.

How does it different from web version ?

Community Edition means you can download the complete source codes and database and setup for your clients or for yourself, while the web version can only accessed via gosfem. This simply means using web version, you can not have access to the source codes and database.

From that above statement that community edition has only 15 core modules, this does not imply that we will not be adding more modules or features to the community edition. Modules added by the community will also be released and ensure that it is available for the communities to enjoy. We will keep the community informed and updated on the latest released and also ensure users of the software are notified via their respective email addresses.

We give installation support and in case there is a bug noticed in the software, we have a platform where such bug is being taking care of.

Should you want to download community edition free, please click HERE

For forum and discussions please follow this link HERE