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Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning are two big buzzwords these days. Every industry is trying to make the most out of these technologies. From automobiles to education, every sector is using these powerful technologies to serve its users better. The use of AI in education can be seen in the form of better quality education, the creation of customized courses, personalized learning, and the development of interactive digital content for students.

The use of AI in education multiplied after the pandemic. As education shifted to virtual learning, AI helped educators and pupils connect with each other and improve learning outcomes by giving access to different courses.

Here are a few examples of how can AI be used in education:

Creating courses

Every student has preferences when it comes to learning. Some may take up courses on automobile engineering while others may want to know about digital marketing. With the help of AI, educators can create interactive courses seamlessly. These courses can be created through AI software for course creation. The AI tools can be used to assess students’ learning history and abilities using which teachers can alter the course outline.

Offering personalized learning

Personalized learning has gained popularity in recent years. It helps teachers understand the pain points and strengths of students and provide the best learning experience based on pupils’ needs. AI tools can help teachers understand individual students’ learning needs, expectations from courses, and offer custom learning journeys that improve their knowledge levels.

Providing universal access to education

Now students can learn from any corner of the world thanks to the power of artificial intelligence. Universal access to education is one of the applications of AI in education. Quality education is accessible to students outside their classrooms. They can participate in global courses and learn from anywhere without worrying about their geographical location.

Offering feedback on courses

How can AI be used in education? One of the ways in which this technology can be used is to improve the quality of courses offered online and offline. Research has shown that the dropout rates in online courses are relatively high. Also, the dropout rate in schools is also on the higher side. It can happen due to multiple reasons like lack of clarity in understanding different concepts or the inability of teachers to identify the gaps in learning materials/lectures. AI can fill these gaps by analyzing how students interact with different course materials. Using this data, the course quality can be improved.

Enhancing virtual learning

Virtual learning has made its mark, especially after the pandemic. AI can improve the virtual learning space by allowing integration with virtual reality and augmented reality. Students can use electronic gadgets to access the content. Learning with interesting tools like VR/AR has shown an improvement in the attention span of students.

Automating redundant activities

AI tools can automate repetitive tasks essential for the smooth functioning of an institute. The use of AI in education in India can be to make school management tasks effortless for admins and teachers. By automating activities like fee collection, admission enquiries management, tracking the circulation of books in the library, helping admins plan the entire academic year in advance and more, AI can improve the efficiency of school administration.

Providing learning support

One of the areas where the application of AI in education is needed is the provision of learning support to students. AI-based chatbots can solve students' doubts in the absence of a teacher. With the help of these chatbots, students can better learn the concepts of different subjects. These chatbots collect different metrics like engagement, grading, and comprehension to understand how students are interacting with the content. Based on these data, teaching methodologies are refined.

Creating interactive digital content

One of the reasons for high dropout rates can be the inability of students to grasp different content. However, their attention span and interest in different subjects can be enhanced with the help of interactive digital content. AI can help in the development of content that offers conceptual clarity and makes students interested in their studies.

AI has brought many revolutionary changes in the education sector. The positive aspects of the use of AI in education in India can be observed in the form of improved standards of curriculum, focus on personalized education, and the creation of interactive content for students.

Gosfem is one of the leading education infrastructure providers helping schools go digital with its school LMS and school ERP systems. The platform makes it easier for admins to keep tabs on activities like student information, fee collection, admissions, and others through modules like a student information system, fee management system, and 20+ other modules.

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