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Evaluation methods are the criteria that are used to evaluate the success of a  certain project or program.


Evaluation methods are the criteria that are used to evaluate the success of a  certain project or program. This is usually done in the context of workers, but can also be used by school administration to evaluate teachers. However, there need to be certain changes made in the process to suit the requirements of the job.

An evaluation method or plan can help identify many things -

- Knowing and understanding the criteria used to evaluate success like tests, surveys, etc.
- Methods that are used to gather evaluation information
- Analyze the evaluation information
- Planning when to conduct evaluations like quarterly, annually, or even in terms of milestones
- Describes who evaluates the entire process

Evaluation of Teaching

Evaluation of teaching can have several purposes, which includes:

- Collecting feedback for improving the teaching efficiency of the teacher
- Developing a portfolio for job applications
- Gathering data to make personnel decisions
- Reappointment or promotion
- Tenure

Efforts to collect information for the purposes of improvement can be informal and may focus on specific areas an individual instructor who is willing to develop their skills. Since pedagogical work is often multi-faceted, it is important to use a comprehensive and systematic process and multiple sources of data in order to evaluate the range of instructional activities. These may include the following:

- Instructional delivery is the level of quality of classroom instruction offered by the teacher
- Course planning, is the development of materials, revision, development of new courses, etc.
- Grading and assessing student learning by means of appropriate levels of assignments, grading standards, exams, etc.
- Course Management
- Support for Student Internships, Experiential Learning, Service Learning
- Department and curricular work
- Advice and mentoring
- Professional development and innovation when it comes to teaching.

Methods of Teacher Evaluation
Student Rating

Student ratings are the easiest and most effective way to assess teachers because the students are the beneficiary of the teacher and therefore must understand what the teacher is teaching. The process is usually anonymous and involves distributing forms among the students where they can say what the teacher is failing in their attempts and where they are doing good.

Outcome Assessment

Another approach would be outcome assessment. Outcome assessment is the process of providing evidence that a teacher’s objectives are being obtained. Outcome assessment enables the management to determine what the students have learned so far. This information can be used as an indicator to know how successfully students have mastered the course content they are expected to assimilate.

Outcome assessment can also be used to give the management an idea about how to improve instruction, the content of the course, and the structure of the curriculum in general. In addition, faculty and institutions can make use of secondary analysis of individual outcome assessments as a means of demonstrating to students, college administrators, employers, parents, accreditation bodies, and legislators that a study program produces competent graduates who are capable of taking it on.

Repeated Measurement of Student Learning

There are several factors other than the competence of the teacher that can affect examination results, which include prior knowledge; presumptions made by the students; and their interest, skills, and ability with respect to a certain subject area.

One of the things that get missed in teacher evaluation is student effort. Even the most effective teachers can only do so much as a means of motivating students. Even though most teachers try to motivate students to learn, at the end of the day, it is the responsibility of the students to take responsibility for their academic achievement.

Hence, conducting a teaching evaluation only at the end of a course cannot help the teacher make useful modifications for students who are currently studying under them. A better way to assess teaching effectiveness and student learning is to test students at the beginning and then once more at the end of a course and deduce the gain score from it. The willingness and ability of the teacher to make use of gain scores to improve a course can be considered during a summative evaluation of teaching. However, since gain scores can be easily manipulated and misinterpreted, it is better to use them as a supplement to all the existing teacher evaluation techniques available and not as an exclusive one.


There are several other evaluation methods that can be used, but the prominent ones have been listed above. Teacher evaluation must be done as a continuous process so that it allows the management as well as the teachers to know when and where they are lacking and what their strengths are.

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