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Online learning is the process of learning through the Internet. This technology is often referred as “e-learning” among other terms. 

Online learning takes many forms, including mobile learning. According to Wikipedia, M-learning or mobile learning is defined as “learning across multiple contexts, through social and content interactions, using personal electronic devices.”

In today’s world, the rapid development of technologies, the affordability of smartphones, and the availability of high-speed internet have made mobile learning possible and even more popular among the new generation of students.

Additionally, all over the world, the COVID-19 pandemic has revolutionized the way students are learning. School closures caused by the pandemic have resulted in over 1.2 billion children in the world learning at home. As a result, e-learning has been gaining prominence, and  Mobile learning is becoming one of the most useful tools for e-learning for students and teachers.

There are two distinct types of mobile learning that schools offer:

  1. Asynchronous Mobile Learning – This refers to online courses that students can pursue and complete on their own time. There is no starting or ending date for these courses. The classes are recorded and made available to the students to consume at their convenience.
  2. Synchronous Mobile Learning – These are online courses with live instructor interaction. The mobile online courses are time-bound and involve real-time virtual interactions. Where students can interact in real-time with the teacher and their peers. 

What Are The Benefits of Mobile Learning Solution for School?

Increased Geographical Reach

Mobile devices allow schools to reach students all over the world. By launching their online courses and content on mobile learning platforms, even students in suburban areas can continue their learning without any disruption. With mobile learning applications schools can open up their classes to national and international students who are interested in the course.

Variety Of Engaging And Educational Content

While there are limited ways to teach in a traditional classroom, mobile learning offers a large variety of teaching methods to schools. From live classes, recorded videos, podcasts, online learning games, quizzes, documentaries, eBooks–there is a lot of content that schools can offer their students that reinforce the learning and make it more engaging.

Streaming Of Recorded Videos

Using mobile learning, schools can stream the recorded lectures which students can then consume based on their convenience. Students can even re-watch the recordings to enhance their learning and revise the concepts.

Meets Parental Expectations

Almost all parents expect their child’s school to offer mobile learning solutions in this digital age. Parents today realize the importance of mobile learning as a means of improving student engagement. Allowing teachers to provide more personalized learning experiences, and providing children with quick access to an enormous amount of information.

What Are The Benefits of Mobile Learning for School Students?

Access To The Best Teachers 

Since mobile learning breaks the limitations of geography, it provides students with a ubiquitous gateway into new information, global experts, renowned teachers, and the best learning experiences that they can enjoy from their homes.

Flexibility Of Learning

The mobile learning program makes it possible for students to access classroom materials from anywhere. Also, the materials are accessible at any time of the day or night, so students can learn when it is most convenient for them, depending on where they live.

Increased Scope Of Learning

A mobile phone’s ability to connect people across the world makes it an outstanding social tool. With mobile learning platform, students can connect with their peers and collaborate on projects and assignments together. It also enhances social interaction and keeps the student community in constant contact with each other.

Students Learn Digital Skills

Our world is technologically driven. For these reasons, we must provide students with more access to technology so they can become comfortable with it.  In the future, technology will be an essential part of education. Since today’s youth are used to technology, mobile learning is not only necessary but also teaches learners the essential digital skills needed in the future.

How is Gosfem Learn’s  Mobile Learning is different from other solutions? 

While there may be numerous mobile learning apps, Gosfem offers its users an array of advantages with the newly launched Gosfem Learn.

Gosfem Learn is a mobile learning management system and a school ERP on a single platform. Schools using Gosfem Learn can benefit from a powerful ERP solution combined with an online learning platform that allows them to customize online courses, provide an interactive learning environment beyond the classroom as well as manage their online learning and daily academic and administrative activity from one platform.

As a mobile learning solution, Gosfem Learn uses leverages smart devices and mobile-based technology that allows teachers to create engaging customized courses using presentations, podcasts, videos, audio, images, text, and documents. Teachers can record the lectures for later viewing at any time and from anywhere. The video courses can be viewed offline by students as well. Gosfem also allows students to collaborate on assignments and projects with their peers while teachers use the mobile learning app to track their students’ progress and stay updated on their progress. 

Besides this mobile learning solution for schools, Gosfem Learn also manages certain administrative tasks, such as enrollments and admissions. This amalgam of a mobile learning solution and a school ERP allows teachers to deliver media-rich, customized courses that promote an interactive learning environment beyond the classroom, while providing better operational controls for school administrators. Register your school today – Gosfem Learn

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