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Schools play a critical role in a nation’s development by helping it build a society of the literate citizens. A well-educated population is more productive and helps enhance the nation’s economic output. School education helps lay the foundation to prepare a workforce that can then develop technology, create modern infrastructure, and provide services that keep society functioning efficiently. Educated citizens are more aware of their duties and responsibilities towards the society that they live in.

However, most schools find it challenging to discharge their role due to difficulties in maintaining administrative efficiency in the school’s processes. Schools are constantly exploring ways to improve administrative efficiency, exceed efficiency benchmarks, and be able to deliver effectively in their nation-building role. To increase administrative efficiency, schools are increasingly undertaking a re-evaluation of their school admin processes - prioritizing a team-oriented approach, and the greater leveraging of technological tools.
Technology to the Rescue

Gosfem is an Integrated School Platform that makes the management, teaching, and learning process in a school simple and efficient. The platform integrates a learning Management System(LMS), an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, and a content solution (a knowledge bank or a repository of learning resources). The platform is custom designed to cater to the requirements of all the stakeholders that are a part of the school admin.

The platform includes modules to simplify school administration by enabling efficient admissions management, live class recording, fee management, school year calendar planning, exam planning, teacher/student attendance management, and many more functions related to school administration.

Although there are multiple tools available for the various administrative functions in a school, their adoption by schools has been poor. The reasons for poor adoption include:

- Non-intuitive UI
- Complex dashboards
- Use of difficult-to-understand terminology

The Gosfem bridges this gap between technology availability and its adoption by schools. The integrated school platform is an interconnected set of tools organized to work together to simplify the process of management, teaching, and learning. The platform helps school admin by making the processes more effective by seamlessly integrating them.

It brings together the processes of learning, teaching, and school management by equipping stakeholders with the required information when they need it. The platform empowers schools by helping them balance their short and long-term goals - enabling them in building a cohesive strategy.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Gosfem’s ERP solution caters to all the needs of schools required to improve their administrative efficiency. The ERP solution incorporates several modules to take care of:

Admission management - Streamlines the traditional admission processes and offers convenience to parents, students, and other stakeholders.

Attendance management - Keeps close track of student attendance. Provides the school admin with detailed attendance reports and individual student information.

School annual calendar planner - Helps the school admin plan everything from annual day to annual exams as per the school's yearly calendar. Enables the preparation of a calendar that is comprehensive and yet error-free.

Fee management - The ERP module sends automated reminders, and customized fee receipts, and efficiently manages installment options.

Exam Planner - Facilitates the setting up of exam schedules, helps in generating automated rank boards, and creates subject-wise exam plans.

Performance Management - Generates detailed reports of students’ performance to help in their holistic development. The reports help analyze performance and identify knowledge and skill gaps to provide students with the required support.

Practice Questions - Besides a wide range of practice questions, the module enables instant evaluation, shareable question links, and e-books.

Intra-school Communication - Helps maintain transparency by facilitating open communication and seamless connection through real-time announcements and reminders. Additionally, with private and classroom chat features, one can add attachments to improve classroom effectiveness during online classes.

Live Polls - Helps enhance in-class student engagement with live polls. This makes classes lively, effective, and engaging.
Learning Management System (LMS)

The LMS improves learning outcomes for students. It enhances the quality of the learning-teaching process with better classroom management and encourages the active participation of students in the learning process. It facilitates a better understanding of concepts and enhances the student’s learning experience. The most important features include:

- Efficient management of online classrooms by enabling greater engagement with live polls/hand-raise features and live class recordings.
- Better student engagement by helping teachers to easily create, conduct and evaluate tests, assign and track student performance with homework, and share study materials.
- Keeps track of student attendance in real-time with automated attendance and provides actionable analytics to analyze student performance.

Content Solution

This solution provides an extensive library of digital learning resources mapped to NCERT and NEP-2020 guidelines to enhance conceptual understanding in students. The most important features include:

- Animated video content to improve engagement and simplify complex topics and concepts, share digital content with students and track engagement, and generate text and voice-over content in multiple languages.
- Analytical insights with engagement analytics to track student learning and analysis of video watch time to assess student interest.
- Bite-sized content for self-paced learning with curated and engaging multimedia content.
- Provides topic-level grouping and gamified practice tests.
- Contains comprehensive content, a question bank with 20L+ questions, and over 9000 learning modules.

Final Thoughts

The primary goal of school admin should be to create an environment for collaboration, trust, and open communication. It should provide an efficient mechanism to ensure the efficient delivery of educational resources and services to students in a timely and effective manner. Administrative efficiency creates an effective and structured environment where quality educational processes are fostered and superior learning outcomes are delivered to students.

Contemporary solutions from Gosfem for school admin help manage all areas of school administration. The solution helps manage curriculum, staff and student attendance, learning resources, fee management, resource management, budgeting, and auditing. The solution also helps with financial and HR administration, internal communications, and report generation. The analytics capabilities help schools track students’ progress and measure success.

The school’s administration system, with its ERP, LMS, and digital content library, enables schools to optimize their daily operations and improve administrative efficiency. Efficiency in school administration is critical for the school to fulfill its mission of imparting knowledge and achieving educational excellence.

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