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According to a report published by Global Market Insights Inc., AI in the education market is expected to reach $30 billion by 2023. This makes it evident why schools need to adopt this powerful tool to change the learning outcomes and provide the best quality education to their students. The use of AI in education is not just limited to providing a personalized learning experience to students but also involves streamlining administrative activities.

AI in education sector has made many impactful changes. One such change is the use of chatbots to remove students' doubts and confusion. Let us dive deeper to understand what will be the future of AI in education.

The Future of AI in Education

AI in education can be used in many ways: to create customized courses for learners, eliminate redundant activities on the part of school management, and improve classroom collaboration. Some of the ways in which AI can be used in the education sector are mentioned below.

Conducting exams

The concept of virtual learning has gained popularity, especially after the pandemic. Like classrooms, exams also shifted to the online mode. AI can help conduct fair exams with the use of AI-powered remote proctoring. With its help, school authorities can easily conduct exams for remote learners. The authorities can prevent cheating during exams by analyzing the images/video streams produced by AI proctors. These proctors keep an eye on the candidate by detecting voices or the presence of another person apart from the examinee.

Providing unhindered learning

Educational institutions can use AI-powered chatbots to provide uninterrupted learning to students. As chatbots are available 24/7, students can use them to resolve doubts in real-time. Moreover, chatbots can also be used by school authorities to provide information to parents and students. For example, details on fees, new admissions, classes etc. can be passed on to parents and students through AI-powered chatbots.

Offering personalized learning

Giving a personalized touch to education helps students learn better and grasp content more easily. With the help of AI, teachers can provide personalized learning to students. Also, this tool can offer course recommendations to learners based on their subjects of interest. Students can use AI to ask questions to teachers and connect with them outside physical classrooms. Also, teachers can use this tool to provide feedback to students by analyzing their strengths and weaknesses.

Helping students connect globally

With the help of AI, students can learn from anywhere at their own pace without having to attend physical classes. They can connect with learners from all over the world and participate in similar courses.

AI is modifying education models and teaching-learning techniques around the globe. As learners can quickly access information, they can resolve their doubts in a short time. This powerful technology is also promoting the culture of lifelong learning by empowering students with the required information in a span of a few seconds. Schools are using AI in education to attract top talents, boost enrollments, predict outcomes, and identify at-risk students.

Even the New Education Policy 2020 emphasizes the use of technology to provide the best learning opportunities to students and reduce the time spent on administrative tasks. With AI, schools can manage their tasks and boost the productivity of their teachers. Moreover, AI in education sector can be used to train teachers and keep them updated on the new trends in the education industry. With AI, the education industry can change traditional learning methods to provide an enriched learning experience for students.

Gosfem is one of the leading education infrastructure providers helping schools go digital with its school LMS and school ERP systems. The platform makes it easier for admins to keep tabs on activities like student information, fee collection, admissions, and others through modules like a student information system, fee management system, and 20+ other modules.

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