Posted on 15, May 2021

Zoom for Teaching Live Class & Live Meeting

Optimum Linkup Free Cloud School support Zoom and you can easily creaete either live class or meetings without having to go to zoom website to create meetings. Everythings are creating on Optimum LInkup Free Cloud School. We have chosen Zoom because no matter where education takes place, Zoom can help engage students, faculty, and staff for learning, collaboration, and administration. See how Zoom supports remote and hybrid learning environments for primary and secondary schools, and higher education.With Zoom you can:

Teach Anywhere

Deliver online and hybrid learning, better engage students through impactful virtual experiences, and expand access to education.

Learn Anywhere

Improve learning experiences, and enhance student engagement with a blend of synchronous and asynchronous learning tools.

Connect Anywhere

Connect outside the classroom with other students, parents, and your education communities.

Work Anywhere

Provide flexible work environments to ensure continuity of academic services and communications across your education enterprise.

To use Zoom you need to register with Zoom and create an API for you app. Click to register an account. You can also learn more about creating an API here